About Us

We create Daedalus Teks; features, host packages, modules, packages, plugins and templates that enable clients to establish an online presence.

Daeadlus teks is a small group of dedicated IT Professionals working hard around the clock to make IT projects simple.


Daedalus Teks web design is creative and unique. Our technicians have been known to establish sites that no only provide and increase online presence. We also provide features including but not limited to; e-commerce tools, social network plugins, support ticket systems, reservation modules and so much more!


Contrary to popular belief, website design doesn't have to be expensive and neither does hosting. Daedalus Teks provides affordable web design with amazing results. Inquire at our site. www.daedalusteks.com

Mobile Ready

There are many devices that display many sizes for web-pages. This can sometimes cause issues displaying information for websites. Daedalus Teks knows this can be a hassle and provides a solution to ensure any site displays on any device without issues, no apps needed.

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